Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 12:09:37 -0700
From: Dan Lester <dan@MICRON.NET>
Subject: Cyclops and AQ back east
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L <WORDS-L@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>

>So what did you do in Hville?

Reason for going was Gail and Phyllis (her asst in HP Library) went for training from SIRSI, the vendor of their online system for library. Classes were Tues and Thurs, now three weeks ago.

We flew on Mon (BOI-SLC-ATL-HSV) and stayed at Marriott next to Space Center. They had classes on Tues.

Wed we went to Nashville for day, going to Opryland Hotel, Opry Museums, Hard Rock Cafe, and some antique shops. Thought about staying at Opryland Hotel on second week of trip, but rooms we wanted were 219 a nite with 2 nite min. That would buy a lotta antiques. Returned to HSV that evening.

Thurs they had classes. Thurs eve Gail and I headed west on 72 thru Muscle Shoals and Corinth and spent nite in Jackson TN, having supper at Carl Perkins' Catfish Cafe. Good fish. Nice place. Some of his memorabilia. Then headed north to Paducah area, bypassed it on 24, 24 to 57 and that straight up to south Chicago area to see sister, other than a couple of stops to leave money in antique shops in the southern Illinois area. Spent Fri, Sat, Sun, and early Mon with her.

Mon headed out and across Indidana to the Dayton area. Was pouring there. Then south into KY, through Lex on 75 as snow was starting. Spent two nites in London KY due to deep snow and closed down everything. That was actually nice, as had room at poolside for neat covered pool and hot tub, and only 44 a nite. From there headed down thru Knoxville and Chattanooga and back to Hvil on the second Thursday.

On Friday we went to Space Museum, saw astronauts training in the neutral buoyancy tank, etc. Sat left Hvil and volunteered to be bumped in Hvil, and in Atl, gaining the four free tix on Delta. Maybe the caribbean in the fall or winter. Other pair will probably be used for my sisters funeral, unfortunately.

In HVil I went downtown one day, saw the old square, the Episcopal church, etc. Was intrigued with a car in a church parking sticker had Confed flag and wording "keep it flying" and other sticker said "If it ain't King James it ain't Bible". Also bought a mess of antiques in Hvil, as well as other places along the way. An arts and crafts era writing desk, signed by one of Stickley's students, original and mint finish, is on way here and should arrive by truck tomorrow. Beautiful piece. We don't really do furniture, but this was the exception. So we passed thru at least parts of GA, AL, MS, TN, KY, IL, IN, OH. Bought new postcards too. And will be sending them out and putting some photos and some postcards on before long. cheers cyclops and amethyst queen, still recovering from it all..and digging out at work

Dan Lester