Date: Sun, 8 Sep 1996 15:16:38 EST
Subject: The Truth About Fran
Ø          Hopefully Norman and Giggles aren't paddling rowboats loaded with all 
Ø          > their worldy possessions in the quake of Fran.  With all the power 
Ø          > outages it could be some time before we hear from them....
I'm in the office for the first time since Thursday night, when I sat in my house and listened to the huge trees falling all around, 
the transformers popping and the wind that sounded like a tornado for about two hours.  The eye went just about five miles 
west of the Lodge.  It was very scary and very exciting.
Not until I got up Friday morning did I realize how bad it was.  The front street is full of the neighbor's trees, piled about 
10 feet high directly in front of the porch where we all sat.  The back yard is seven feet deep in tightly packed limbs, leaves, 
brances, and a 70 foot, 5 ft. diameter oak from my neighbor's yard.  It fell very neatly between the Lodge and the apartment 
out back, shearing off all the enormous limbs of the Oak tree in back.  Son-of-Giggles from Atlanta arrived Friday night 
and he, my new tenant, and I spent yesterday with chain saws clearing a walkway so we could get from the house to the 
back alley.
The entire city is devastated.  Twelve enormous oaks are down in front of my building on the campus and the entire western 
part of Raleigh is covered with hundred-year-old oak trees lying on cars and houses and in streets.  I looked around on Friday 
and spent much of the day crying.  A woman was screaming at her husband that he shouldnt have left their Mercedes Benz 
on the street, the MB that now has a 4 ft diameter tree resting across its hood.
The interesting part has been the disaster mentality.  All the neighbors are helping each other and for three days now we 
have been going from house to house at cook-outs, everyone cooking all the food in their freezers on outdoor grills, since 
there is no power and will be none until next Thursday or Friday.
I didnt take the warnings seriously, but I will next time.  This was really scary and the effects are devastating.  
The Lodge is still here, no damage except the corner of the kitchen ceiling, which let water pour in for about four hours 
on Thursday night.  It's dry now and the sky and clouds on the ceiling are none the worse.  I'm happy to have my house.  
A lot of people dont have houses any more.
Glad my yard sale was the week before.  All the left over merchandise, which was still on the porch, is ruined.  
What I couldn’t sell and couldnt bear to give away to Goodwill, god took care of. It's gone now.  Good.