Date:         Tue, 10 May 1994 15:19:00 EDT
From: gilbertsmith <>
Subject:      WHTMWBB
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L <>

It was a words-l moment, no doubt about it.
There she was, waiting for me at <the> Shoney's, where we left her
car so that
  1) we could go to a more interesting breakfast place, affectionately
     named *Big* *Ed's*...
  2) and, so she could be the first wordsler to ride in the Miata,
     which she was and which she did...
I found out the following:
   1) She wont eat grits, because of an unfortunate childhood
      experience, which I wont get into, being as it is rather
   2) She likes things *technological*, so was very interested in
      the farm tools hanging from the ceiling of the breakfast
   3) She wont say anything nasty about other wordslers, no matter
      how much she is provoked....
   4) She didnt *really* believe that they would tow her car from
      Shoney's when they saw us ride off in another car and stay
      gone for hours....
 She found out the following:
    1) --ggs does *not* have a Spanish accent, rather a curious
       twang reminiscent of Texas...
    2) Raleigh is a very pretty little city with a huge replica
       of an acorn, in copper, as this city's answer to the Big
    3) --ggs has an unnatural interest in cemeteries, which he
       was unable to make manifest in the time allowed but promised
       to demonstrate on her return visit...
    4) --ggs was happy to hear the *real* definition of the term
       <mensch> and even happier to *be* one...
 It was a thoroughly enjoyable time, which ended with a discussion
 of whether each of us lived up to the expectations held by the
 other.  The answer to that question will be ours to treasure and
 guard in our most secret places.