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Not much, actually, but among my souvenirs are:

1) The knowledge that the little highway that goes out of Starkville
from the street just east of the Cafe does not go Northeast but
Northwest to Hwy 50, which I took on my trek through the backcountry.

2) The discovery of Natural Bridge, AL, one of the more beautiful
things that I have seen in a truly beautiful state (AL, mostly mid
and northern).

3) The beauty of the little roads that go through Arab/Scottsboro,
just west of the Tennessee River and the mountains, and the fun of
driving through this country with the top down.

4) The fun of speeding through the mountain roads south of the
Smokies in third gear, defying the laws of gravity and passing all
the pickups on dangerous curves.

5) The absolute desolation of the area between Asheville and
Morganton, NC, which stretches for some 60 miles without a motel at 1
a.m., and the pure-d pleasure of finally finding a room in the inn.

5) The terror of getting lost on a country road at 12:30 a.m. trying
to find the damned interstate again, and realizing that the gas tank
is purt near *empty*.

6) The anticipation of running into the Darlings at a rest stop on I-
40 in NC and the disappointment when it didnt happen.

7) The rush of anxiety that comes over <one> as <one> nears the
homeplace and realizes that the party is over and the return to a
normal way of life is at hand.

8) The comfort of being home with some nice memories to keep the
evenings warm.