Date:         Fri, 7 Feb 1997 12:56:14 EST
From: gilbertsmith <>
Subject:      WHTMWICHFMB 1
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L <>


1)  Before leaving, I had made arrangements with the little girl next
door to feed Ruby daily, bring in the mail and newspaper, and check
the water level in the furnace, so that all the pipes in my house
would not freeze if it got cold.  I promised her $20 for these
chores, which she thought was a very big pile of money.

2)  I knew that the MEotM would be in town part of that time, and
once again was a bit concerned that I had not changed the locks.  But
then I knew also that Karla, my step-daughter, and Nick, my step-son,
would be here and might want to come in.  So no problem.

3)  So, I get home at 12 midnight Friday night, the weather is
terrifically warm, as it has been almost the entire time I've been
gone.  Ruby is fine and fat and happy....  There is a note from Karla
lamenting having missed me....  and the house is very chilly.

4)  So, I go to the basement, check the water level, which turns out
to be ok, then check the pilot light, which is out.  Hmmmmm....  I
check the water heater, and that pilot light is out....  Hmmmmm....
I try to relight each and get no response....  Hmmmmm....

5)  No gas.  Hmmm.....  What to do now?  Very glad it is not
freezing, very lucky indeed.  Hmmm....