Date:         Wed, 21 Sep 1994 21:29:05 EST5EDT
From: Gilbert Smith <>
Subject:      Memories of Khyber Pass
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L <>

Desiring as always not to be seen as <left-out>, I must make a report
on the dinner ftf at the Khyber Pass Restaurant in the East Village
on Sunday night September 18.

1)  The first thing I saw after my son and grandson let me out on the
street was the shining face of Emily, looking very much like herself;
2)  rashmi was at her best with her new look and told interesting
stories about how she came to be one of the disabled;
3)  Marie, a new face, had the wrong look:  she was supposed to be
more short than tall, more brunette than blond, more matronly than
lithe and lissom and vivacious;  yet, in retrospect, she did indeed
look like a Babe Of The Week;
4)  Tom, a new face, had the wrong look:  not at all like the author
of a very substantial history of the King Ranch; his laments over
having just become an <old man> touched my heart;
5)  Myles, a new face, had the wrong look:  the beard was missing,
and his claim to being a Kurault lookalike did not do him justice;
6)  Everyone there, in fact, would most certainly <turn a few heads>
on the street, for whatever reason.

A good time was had by all.  Among the topics discussed and the
information gleaned were:

1)  -ggs reported having seen mint copies of early TV Guides at a
sidewalk sale earlier in the day;
2)  MC reported the popularity of the Seinfeld-TVG episode around his
office and his frequent elbow-rubbing with the stars;
3)  *somebody* reported having been known to hang out in a serious
way with someone who lives *in* *a* *trailer* *park*!
4)  much reminiscing occurred about the infamous Words-L Family Feud;
5)  topics of discussion ranged from Long Island to the Wall Street
Journal to South Dakota to Iowa to Nebraska to Columbia University to
Bloomberg Financial News to Jersey City to Hoboken to Princeton to
volleyball or something similar to the defunct Washington Star to the
Salvation Army to the Clambake to the Salmonbake to the Goatroast to
Bally's to sewing machines to Being A Celebrity to Putting The White
Wire On The White Wire to Babes Of The Week to Words-L Poets to
Unsubs and Subs to Harmless Little Grandmothers to Being The Oldest
Around to Being Too Young For Words, and finally, to Why We Are The

All this in about two and one-half hours.  We made good use of our
time.  You should have been there.