Date:         Tue, 27 Jun 1995 13:07:34 EDT
From: gilbertsmith <>
Subject:      WHTMLWATC
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L <>


So, I just got back from a weekend in the "city", otherwise known as
The Big Apple.  Not a wordsler weekend, because I knew before going
that I wouldn't have a chance at an ftf, and I knew that I had missed
the big opportunity by not being there on Wednesday night for Coney
Island.  But some things did happen, and I did things I've never done
before.  Among the things I did or had done to me are:

  1.  Leaving at 10 pm and driving all night up I-85/95 to the last
exit before the NJTP, which happens to be the exit to Atlantic City.
  2.  Finding myself in Atlantic City for the first time since last
September, when I won $3200 on a slot Progressive Jackpot and then
had a wordsler FTF in Greenwich Village with area residents.
  3.  Getting installed in my regular motel in AC, finding that the
weekday rate had gone from $29 to $49 and being really pissed.
  4.  Going to Bally's Park Place, the scene of the PJ and playing the
same machine for several hours, winning and losing and winning and
losing, then finding myself discouraged because I was down about 800
quarters, which must be $200.
  5.  Walking the Boardwalk, feeling stupid for being addicted to
gambling, eating a piece of Pizza Supreme.
  6.  Returning to not the same machine, but the one next to it,
winning a little, losing a little, finding myself down another $20.
  7.  Nearly quitting, then refusing to give up, and cashing in one
more $20 bill.
  8.  Hitting the Progressive Jackpot again, this time for $4000,
which they eventually deliver to me as 40 $100 bills, but no t-shirt,
I *never*.
  9.  Sleeping, then driving through harrowing traffic to Park Slope
and playing with the <babe> for days.
  10.  Riding the Carousel in Prospect Park, having more fun than the
  11.  Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and eating supper with the
<babe>'s family by the Fulton Market.
  12.  Driving back to AC on Sunday Night, still pissed about the $200
I lost.
  13.  Same machine, playing for several hours, winning and losing,
down another $100, then suddenly three machines in a row start
throwing out the quarters, rewarding me for my trouble with over $400
in 15 minutes, most of which I keep.
  14.  Leave at 7 a.m. for NC, doing the Cape May ferry and the Bay
Bridge to Norfolk, arriving home at 7 pm, still pissed at no t-shirt.