Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 11:38:11 -0700
Subject: Re: Dead Horse in Bathtub ... Update at 11
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> We want to hear about the unsafe side!

Not much to tell. Decided about two days after the last minute to accept an open offer to spend spring break in May-hee-ko. Left late (as usual) and hit the border just before dusk. Damn near zero traffic, which was surprising. Had the truck pulled over and searched, which was a first, and, as per tradition, played Chris Rea's "Road To Hell" upon clearing the Curva Peligrosa outside of Sonoita. I found to my delight that a GREAT deal of road work had been done on old Autocarril Ocho, making fully two-thirds of it actually safe to drive. (The remaining third was unfortunately much worse than before. I'd give it a pucker factor of about 9.2 even in the daylight.) Also as per tradition I missed the turn to Las Ollas in the dark, my first clue being the large "Bien Viaje al Caborca" sign. Sigh. Driving in Mexico after sundown is SUCH a treat...

The rest of the week was spent on Tiempo Mexicano. Breakfast, beach- comb, watch the surf, watch the pelicans, watch the porpoises, watch the beer supply, lunch, siesta, watch the surf, watch the pelicans, fly kites, watch the shrimp fleet return, watch the sunset, look for the green flash, dinner and 'reeters on the patio watching the stars, and then off to bed. Y man~ana, otra vez. PRN. Really rugged duty. It'd have killed a weaker man. The worst thing that happend was a cold front came through Tuesday and Wednesday making it too windy to go eat at Manny's Beach Club. (Their motto - "If our food and service do not meet your expectations please lower your expectations." Or is it "No shirt, no shoes, no problem"? I forget.)

The only decisions that had to be made were on the order of "What CD do we want to hear next? Do we wanat to get cleaned up and go have dinner at La Peusta? Do we need more beer?" It was hell, I tell you. The down side was that a VCR had been added to the toybox since the last trip, depriving me of the opportunity to hand everyone else their collective asses at Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit, but, hey, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. I did manage to win the domestic services for the next five years of my friend's eight-year-old grandson at a game of killer horseshoes, but I don't think that's binding on this side of the line, is it?

Coming back the Incorruptibles just waved us through and the Border Patrol was uninterested in the three kilos of shrimp in the cooler so there was nothing left to do but heave the also-traditional sigh of relief at being back under the protection of the US Constitution and drive home. I'm certain that giggles will have a much more interesting and diegetic tale to tell. I have to mention that, despite being given every opportunity to gouge, bamboozle, pad, and generally rob blind ignorant gringoes on the exchang e rate each and every waiter, clerk, fish seller, and beach peddler was scrupulously honest, to the centavo. I wish I could say the same about Canada. 8-)

It's still good to be back. "East, west, home's best..."...

All the above is true.