Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 21:56:51 -0700
Subject: My Dinner With Petree
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L <WORDS-L@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>

Just got back from a most pleasant evening with Phyllis. Picked her up at the downtown Hyatt - say, that's an interesting premise - and promptly gave her the sort of up-close-and-personal tour of the city, including Sheriff Joe's Madison Street Jail and the warehouse and wino district, that can only come from an incomplete grasp of the principles of one-way streets. Goddam town. She was as patient as Hiroshi, what can I say?

I/we finally found a street that lead more or less toward South Mountain, where we arrived to the larger Los Dos Molinos, a considerably expanded version of the storefront version that Rashmi remembers. The food there is the equal of the original's, the atmosphere superior, but as we constituted half of the customers service was glacial. Would someone explain that to me sometime? I destroyed a machaca burro and discovered an excellent cerveza, Simpatico, that was indeed. PP did her best to avoid the salsa, which just left all the more for me. Managed to sweat from every pore save the soles of my feet. My, that's tasty!

The weather she brought with her was still lovely but time was short so the only rubbernecking we did was to schlep to the top of South Mountain to view the Valley, the sunset sans Green Flash, and listen to the German tourists tell each other what a perfect platz it would be fur Der Fashion-Foto. Yea, well, zu spate, guys. Been done to death. As the sun set over the Estrellas we discussed which films had been done where with all the verve that we showed in destroying all your characters and reputations over dinner. Then, she being on EDT and I still on Sparrowfart Shift, we decided to hold painting the town puce in abeyance.

That's about it. Also about as much fun as I can stand on a school night anymore so I'll leave you with your burning questions and ears for the morrow...