Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 18:43:36 -0800
From: Karen Kay <karen@WORDWRITE.COM>
Subject: WHTMISF
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Blue sky, very comfortable sweatshirt weather. We followed Maureen's directions to Golden Gate Park--Geary to Gough to Fell. I've never gone into the Park from that direction before, since I'm usually coming from the south. It turned out to be a great route--gorgeous houses. I haven't seen that much gingerbread since I left New Haven. We actually found parking at the deYoung--it was the last parking space, too, just sitting there.

We went to the Asian Art Museum first, because Cole wanted to look at mirrors. He asked me about mirrors in Japanese mythology, and with the exception of the mirror used to lure Amaterasu no mikami out of her cave, I couldn't think of anything. I don't even remember reflections as being of much importance. (Well, there's the Pillow Book, that's definitely worth checking.) Any other ideas?

We spent a lot of time in the Asian Art museum, w/ Cole trying out his Italian-ate Japanese pronunciations. (The phonologies are close, except for pitch accent.) Lots of discussion of tea ceremony.

Then we popped over to "The Beat Generation" in the deYoung to prepare ourselves for North Beach. Excellent exhibit, btw. They have the *original* manuscript of "On The Road". The entire roll. In addition, they the Steve Allen show w/ Kerouac reading and also the *movie* called "The Beat Generation" that I saw at Yale and was convinced I was hallucinating because no one else I know has ever seen it. Lots of photographs and manuscripts. The paintings were ucky for the most part.

My back and legs were aching by this time, and we were both starving, so we got in the car and drove to North Beach. When we were driving up, I mentioned Maureen's suggestion that we ditch the car at the hotel, but we decided to press on. And we found a parking space less than 5 minutes from the restaurant!

We ate at Maureen's recommendation, l'Osteria del Forno. The waitress was Italian; Cole wouldn't speak Italian to her. It was a nice restaurant with good food; we could have lingered for hours. (It was that kind of place; I was ready to move in.) As it was, it took a while for our food to come so I was able to read all of Cole's poems. (This is something he's taken up since I left, writing poetry. This was the first time I'd seen them.) They were excellent, very moving. Hard to read--they brought to the surface all sorts of emotions. It was nice to be his peer reader again.

We ate, we talked, we walked very fast back to the car, we went to the hotel, he dropped me at BART, and I cried on the train. Having friends is good; leaving them is bad. I have a new resolution: no new friends. It's too hard.