Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 22:27:10 +0000
From: floreant <floreant@MAIL.WCLYNX.COM>
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not a single flake fell. other than that, it was a lovely trip. signs of recent floods abounded - lots of tinker toy trees and mud slathered roads. trees were hanging on to some of the hillsides by god knows what, since huge root structures were exposed. slopes and streets were almost deserted, much to the delight of the downhillers.

even the park where i cross countried seemed like our private estate. only managed to cross country for one day. when i first got on the skis, my entire body filled with that electric rush of adrenaline and i tensed so much even the balls of my feet hurt. ridiculous, given the softness of the snow and the slowness of my pace, but i think i was just terrified of falling.

at the first break, we laughed at how my entire arm was vibrating. later, i wondered if it somehow reminded me of the crutches stage. i never really got my stride, but we did several miles before i admitted stopping might not be chickening out. and it was lovely in the woods. and i'll try more next time.

spent the first three days with friends at their rental house, during which i did much babysitting so the parents could ski. on the fourth day, another three-year-old was arriving, so we bolted.

found a gorgeous hotel room, listed at 180, which we somehow managed to take for 80 a night. fireplace, deck, living room, and those lovely his-n-hers sinks. they're anxious for business up there now.

thursday was my day. himself brought me breakfast in bed, then skedaddled to ski. i laxed with the paper, then took a two hour walk up a road. the views just kept getting more and more impressive, so i kept walking. plodded through a posted avalanche zone and screwed up my courage to yoohoo in a volume comparable to the decimel levels produced by the next key you hit. then back to the room, where i had a massage, oh decadence of decadence. read *alias grace* that day too. anybody else?

we drove home through the gold country which i don't know, and want to return to. the roads to yosemite are still closed. the worst part of the trip was from lodi home, when we were in grey-out fog. we really couldn't see the hood ornament. tucked in behind a trucker who used his flashers for about 30 miles. thanks, good buddy. oh, and we rented an explorer for the trip, and i loved being up so high while driving. yee hah.


hold back the edges of your gowns, ladies. we are going through hell.