Date:         Mon, 13 May 1996 00:23:36 -0500
From: Myles Callum 
Subject:      PHUKET!
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L 

Phuket: that was on the menu at the cool Thai joint in Chelsea I
had dinner at tonight with Mr. and Mrs. Nipper.  Marty and Mary got
into town yesterday, and have since seen "Rents," done the Empire
State Building, walked around, and generally not wasted much time.

They're staying at the Chelsea Hostel, which sounds even more
reasonable than the Pickwick Arms.  Chelsea is a good location,
between midtown and the Village, and a neat neighborhood.  I imagine
they'd recommend the hostel to anyone looking for inexpensive but
apparently quite satisfactory digs.  They said the rooms are very
small and don't have phones, but what the hey.  It would not be good
for me or Giggles, since we are unabashed sybarites who prefer to be
awash in sensual pleasures at all times.

The restaurant, Regional Thai Taste on Seventh Ave. at 22nd St.,
was cited--excuse me, G, citationed--in Zagat as a "funky,"
"brightly painted" Thai place that serves "intricately prepared and
presented" food; "both the waiters and the clientele are fun to
watch."  All of this turned out to be true.  We also had the Thai
beer, which was really good; I forget the name.  Very pleasant
service, too.

I did not have the Phuket, tempted as I was by the name.  It is also
called "Ouan Talay" and is a "lemongrass marinated salad of spicy
calamari, shrimp, sea scallops and mussels with fresh mint & lime
juice."  I had the vegetarian dumplings appetizer, which looked
uncomfortably like those bland dim-sum things in Boston but were
much tastier; and the Cilantro Garlic Jumbo Shrimp entree.  Mary's
appetizer was the Regional Thai Crisp Prawn Spring Roll.  The food
was uniformly tasty and beautifully presented, as promised.

As you might expect with Nipper, the conversation was intoxicatingly
delightful, consisting of heated rounds of rigorous discourse with
numerous detailed cites.  Majorly meeberfun!

Tuesday night we (the Nippers, Marie, Emily, me, maybe Rashmi) go
to a Yankees game, and Wednesday Nipper presents his paper at the
Integrated Online Library System conference at the N.Y. Hilton.

After dinner New York provided its usual free street theater right
outside the restaurant.  Two big fire trucks had pulled up at a
building across the street, and there was much bustle and flashing
of lights.  No smoke or fire, though.  But the city tries not to
disappoint; in one room we could see what looked like a candle
burning inside.  It wasn't much, but I guess you could say it was
a fire.  The firemen scratched their heads, gave up and left.

Marty and Mary walked me to my recovered stolen car and got to hear
the new talking alarm system, which said "Alarm deactivated!" in the
voice of a cop talking over a loudspeaker.

'Twas a fine evening, and we might get together again tomorrow, if
I'm not taking a nap.