Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 02:25:41 -0500
From: Marie Tomlinson <mtomlins@SHIVA.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU>
Subject: Today in New York
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Dem West Coasters think they get to have all the fun. Actually the fun goes where Sharon is, you see...

What did she dream of as she bounded eastward: creating traditions, hanging out with friends, romping through the wilds, elusive Argentinian newspaper articles, and oh, a little snow.

Well, the ice skating thing didn't go through -- yet. Sharon, Emily and I met at Grand Central Station. By now we were becoming aware of the seriousness of this storm. I had lugged my skates along knowing full well that Central Park was out of the question but keeping my options open. A movie, guys?

Emily knew what to do.

"Rembrant, Not Rembrandt," at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an exhibit which ended on this very day. An interesting show which presented works of this Master along with those of students, followers, and frauds. Many of the works had at one time been attributed to Rembrandt. Only through modern means of determination (and through the eyes of the experts) has <the truth> come out. Lots of interesting radiography stuff.

After gently relieving our growling stomachs we strolled through the much of the Greek and Roman section. Here Sharon found her muse, Daenad. Apparently this character was encouraged by Dionysus -- always the party guy -- to leave her home and family, roam the forests and the hills, and dance in "ecstatic frenzy". (or something like that)

They cow-shuttled us out eventually, while we were trying to get a peek at the Statue Garden. "That way, please." All right all right.

Oooo...but look outside. By this time, about a foot had stuck. Unbelievable. Sharon brought this down. I think we all felt about eight years old. We held hands to keep together and hopped on a downtown bus.

Hmmm...what next. Well, when you've got something good, heck...VIRGIL'S! A little Chimay, some ribs, pulled pork, yankeefied cornbread, biscuits, greens with dead pig. You've heard this one before. Good every time.

There comes a time to say goodbye. Emily departed on the shuttle to Grand Central, and Sharon and I to Brooklyn. Sharon got off before me without really knowing which direction to head (I'm feeling pangs of guilt for not getting off with her).

When I left my subway station, oh my. The stairs out, for instance. A slope of snow. I basically had to scale my way out. The cars on my street are entirely buried. It's still coming down hard and accompanied by lightening. And I already know I get to sleep in tomorrow. I'm just all giddy about the whole thing. I really have enjoyed this day.

I hope Emily and Sharon made it home all right.


Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 17:48:37 GMT
From: Emily Horning <emilyh@MINERVA.CIS.YALE.EDU>
Subject: Re: texas
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Marie Tomlinson (mtomlins@SHIVA.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU) wrote:

: Maybe not a good day for skating in Central Park. I'm hoping to cajole
: Emily and Sharon into a trip to the new Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers. I
: like to skate with my coat off.

Yeah, yesterday was perfect for skating in Central Park! NOT. It was snowing like crazy, so Marie and Sharon and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art instead, and caught the last day of the Rembrandt/Not Rembrandt exhibit. We were struck by the faces in the pictures - so many of them, especially in the real Rembrandts, look like people we've seen on the street, people we know, or people we can just imagine existing. The figures in the Not Rembrandts looked unnatural, almost inhuman in a few cases. Hey, does anybody know what a "pendant" is, in art historical terms? I hate it when curators don't explain terms or provide context for works...

We got to see a few other rooms and exhibits before they kicked us out, then we hopped on a bus and headed for wordsler headquarters in NYC, Virgil's on 44th Street. Over ribs, yankee cornbread and Chimay, we discussed - Maenads, the pronunciation of "oeuvre", the snow, Sharon's desire to sing and dance in the woods in an ecstatic frenzy, David and Bathsheba, birth control, more snow, beer, wordslers, shattered illusions about cows and leather, postcards, Adam's party, R*ch's writing and lots of other things that I'm forgetting.

: Go Eagles!

Well, we know what happened there, don't we.