Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 20:21:40 -0500
From: "Phyllis C. Petree" <ppetree@EMAIL.UNC.EDU>
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L <WORDS-L@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>

On Saturday, I drove to the beach to vivit Bonnie & Clyde. Here's what happened to me at Salter Path Beach.

The weather forecasters called for a beautiful day that would start chilly. They were right. As I put things in my car - Wordstock pictures, treats for the Voightlanders, and things to go to the recycling center - I discovered that running shoes give no traction on ice. After several graceless plunges, I headed out.

I discovered that it takes much longer to unload at the recycling center than I thought; I was 20 minutes late getting out of town. The trip down was beautiful. Even driving straight into the early morning sun.

The road to Salter Path goes through lots of farmland. I got to see lots of beautifully maintained Southern-style farm houses with hipped roofs and wrap-around porches and others that were two full stories with square columns. East of Raleigh I encounter a sign for Buffaloe Road which makes me wonder what Dan Quayle is up to these days. A little further along the way, I see a classy establishment named "The Truk Stop." Perhaps this is a new business venture for Quayle. I also see a signs roads named "Bob Smith Road" and "Jones Sausage Road." The names appeal to me.

The trip requires 2 pit stops. One in Goldsboro for a caffeine boost and another in Kinston to respond to the caffeine boost. As I wait in line in the restroom in Hardee's, a woman says to me: Woman: I swear I saw you in the McDonalds back up the road.

Me: Uh, I stopped at a Burger King.

W: That's it - I thought I recognized you; I remember you shirt.

I look down at the baggy Carolina sweatshirt I'm wearing over an even baggier Wordstock T-shirt & baggy sweatpants. I wonder if she's simply another UNC fan or if I should be offended. Then a stall becomes available & I have other things to think about.

WLM's on the trip down: A street in Havelock named Nunn Street. An Oak Ridge homes dealer in Morehead City, the next town over. I feel it's a *sign* since I am headed to see Bonnie & Clyde. I find that there are dozens of traffic lights on Highway 70, through all these nice small towns. I think I hit them all as they turned red. Sigh. I discover that there are two LARGE bridges on the way to Salter Path. One in New Bern over the Trent River and another over the Intercoastal Waterway outside of Morehead City. I do NOT like bridges. But I make it safely across - I don't even have to close my eyes.

I arrive 30 minutes late (I knew I should have skipped recycling) to an absolutely breath-taking day. The sky is brilliant blue & without a cloud. A wonderful on-shore breeze is blowing. Except for the fact I'm late, all is right with the world. When I planned this trip back in December, I never dreamed I would have weather like this. I was worried about getting iced out of the trip.

I find Bonnie's room; Clyde is next door. Neither Bonnie or Clyde is at all <trailer-parkish>. I give them the goodies I brought from "A Southern Season" - it's almost worth driving to Chapel Hill just to visit this store - and meet the kitties. We look at Wordstock pictures, share list gossip, admire the view from the balcony, and talk about Maine. armadillos with long tails, Maine, rowing and the Boston trip. But, since the three of us are all recluses, we confine ourselves to 4 words a piece.

We drive into Beaufort for lunch (another bridge to cross - but Clyde is driving so I can cower in the back seat). Beaufort is a beautiful 18th century whaling town of restored homes and a pleasant waterfront. We have an excellent lunch at the ??? Grocery Store. Delicious crab cakes. The town is crowded, a lot of other people drove to the beach to enjoy the day after the horrible ice storm we had the weekend before. We visit the Old Burying Ground with graves dating to the 1700's.

After lunch we take a walk on the beach, I load up with shells. Clyde has an eagle eye for shelling and finds a whole whelk shell for me. We see the biggest seagull I've ever seen in my life. And a pelican soaring on the air currents.

I decide to stick to my original plans and drive back to Chapel Hill. We say our good-byes and I head west. A very pleasnt day has ended. On

Sunday, I went to the gym and got on the rowing machine. Bonnie regularly does 2000 meters at a speed of under 2:04 for 500 meters. I could get my rate down to 2:12 but couldn't hold it there - 2:17 was all I ccould sustain for the 500 meter stretch. I am most impressed with Bonnie's fitness and stamina.

- phyllis