Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 23:55:21 -0600
From: Sylvia Edwards <s.words@MINDSPRING.COM>
Subject: Noise for a Silent Night

One of the ways I'm coping with Christmas present is writing about Christmas Past. This Christmas was 1981.

A Remembrance of a Christmas Past

We moved from KS to MO in January. 1981. Because of limited funds, lack of affordable housing, and inability to sell our KS house, we lived in a small duplex. In December 1981, we were at the end of our lease and the kids were 5 and 7. All I wanted was more space. All the kids wanted at the moment was to put up Christmas decorations which were stored in the basement of our KS home. To stop the fussing for awhile, we got some spray "snow" and created frosted window scenes on every window in the place.

Later, Keith zipped back to KS (two hour drive west) and came home with our fake tree, lights and special ornaments. As soon as he brought the boxes into the house, the kids insisted we finish decorating. While he was gone that day, I found a larger duplex to rent (only $30 more a month). I wanted him to look at it. He said he would, but FIRST he'd help the kids with the tree. In spite of my saying the tree could wait, but someone else might take "our" duplex, the tree was done. The kids (all three of them were delighted with their efforts)

We did get the larger duplex and even better we were given permission to move into it the weekend before Christmas. I was ecstatic. I got more room for Christmas. We were moving from the southwestern section of a large city to the northeastern section and were being assisted by one of Keith's friends who had a pickup truck to help us make the 8 mile move.

The furniture, boxes, etc were quickly loaded and unloaded. The last item standing in the old place was the decorated Christmas tree. After washing all the windows, we decided that we didn't have the energy to undo and then redo the tree decorating. We stuck the fully decorated tree in the bed of the truck.

Keith sat in the back of the truck holding onto the tree and attempting to catch the ornaments that wanted to fly off..... we only lost about four. As we backed out of the driveway of the old place, it began to snow.... heavy, big flakes. The kids and I were in the car for the 15 minute drive to the new place. Keith, who was out in the cold and soaked, kept us giggling as we watched him reach for flying objects. I told the kids to watch for IFOs, but they kept their eyes on Daddy.

The first item set in place at the new duplex was the Christmas tree covered with snow. Scott looked at the snow covered tree and snow covered dad and said, "Isn't it neat when God puts on the frosting?"