Date:         Thu, 22 Aug 1996 14:16:52 -0700
From: Morgan and Shoshana Edwards <>
Subject:      Just another day in heaven
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L <>

We have been adopted!

First, two cats showed up, at different times.  Brownie (a beautiful deep
brown classic tabby) came begging.  He was instantly friendly, wanting
petting almost as much as food.  He apparently has been lost, and all
attempts to find an owner have failed.  However, he will have to stay
outside.  But he's a lovely fine friendly furfellow.

Next came Silver.  (I know, I know, but original clever names for strays?)
He's not at all friendly.  I suspect he is completely feral, likely born
feral.  But he's also hungry.  And he seems to like our company from a distance.

Once we can really get our hands on both these guys it will be off for the
old sniperoo.  And at least rabies shots.  Probably not the others.

Next, the Stellar's Jay.  He's gorgeous.  Brilliant bright blue, like most
jays.  But with a head piece the Pope would envy.  And he's quite friendly.
He will come and sit on my outstretched hand and eat sun flower seeds as I
feed them.  He is especially fond of corn cobs, right after we have eaten
off the corn.  He goes for the leavings with gusto.  He also appears to be
very fond of bugs, and we are happy to have him about.

Last night, a baby Oppossum came to our front porch.  He was about the size
of a full grown white lab rat, and will undoubtedly grow bigger, if he
lives.  I was really surprised to see a little critter so small with no
mommie.  Silver was on the porch at the time, laying down watching.  And Sid
Vicious (well, it's all those teeth...) waddled over, nosed him a bit, and
tried to curl up.  Silver leaped about 6' in the air when he realized what
was going on, so Sid waddled off somewhere else.  We will see if he returns.
I'm going to put out a little carrot tonight along with the cat kibble.

And the bat condo now has residents.  That will do wonders for reducing the
bug population.

On a sad note, the hawks have left.  And the hummers never did show up.
Maybe next year.

Morgan and Shoshana Edwards
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