Date:         Fri, 22 Jul 1994 14:43:58 EDT
Sender: English Language Discussion Group 
From: Tony Harminc 
Subject:      WHTMOTWTTA

On Wednesday I had to meet someone at the airport whose flight was due
in at 13:20.  I was running just a bit late as I headed out of the office
and decided to phone Air Canada to see if the flight was late.  It was
running 15 minutes early.  Early - well I <never>.  Out to the car, and
the discovery that for the first time in my life I had locked the keys in
the car that morning.  The cellphone, on which the arriving passenger might
call me if she couldn't find me, was also locked in the car.

Now our office is out in the middle of nowhere - it's as far again the
other side of the airport as the airport is from my house.  However there
is a hotel across the street (that being about one farm field's length
from here), and the hotel does have an airport shuttle bus, and since
we do a lot of business with the hotel as they are the only one around
and they don't object to our using the shuttle if it's not full, I went
across the street and found I had just missed it.  So I ended up taking the
taxi that was miraculously waiting there.

So I arrive at the customs exit, and the flight is showing "arrived" on
the board and I figure my passenger has given up and gone to find a phone
to call the cellphone which will tell her "the party you are calling is
away from the phone or not reachable".  But I decide to wait a bit longer
and as I am peering through the doors which open to let cleared passengers
out trying to catch a glimpse of her I hear a familiar voice right behind
me say "Hi Tony - I'll be back in a while and I'll explain *everything*
then", and there she is, almost unrecognizable in a very businesslike
blue suit accompanied by an official looking person who appears to be
marching her down the hallway.

So I wait and wait some more, and eventually she does reappear and we
go off in search of a drink, and as we drink our "2 for $12" beers
she explains that immigration asked her if she was entering Canada
on business, and when she said yes they asked her about her visa, and
when she didn't have one they were only to pleased to sell her a
"Free Trade American" visa for only $125 cash, and when she said she
didn't have that much in C$ cash they grudgingly let her go to a bank
machine accompanied by an <official> on condition that she not exchange
any business information with the person who was meeting her, which explains
why she was rather <short> with me.

So now she has a fancy document that says that for one year Elaine Brennan
is allowed to do certain computer consulting work in Canada subject to
various conditions etc. etc.  We give thanks for the Free Trade Agreement
without which she would probably have been put back on the plane to

So we drank our beer, and in very un-WORDS-L like fashion barely talked
about you guys at all - well maybe a little bit, but not much.  We looked
at the so-far-one-and-only baby picture, and talked about SGML and
museums and Pride Days and Oxford and such and soon it was time for her
ongoing flight to Halifax.

I was just in time to get the shuttle back to the hotel/office, and later
that evening Barbara and Emily came out with the car keys and saved the
rest of the day.

Tony H.

(Who is now convinced that the GGS style for WHTMs exerts an irresistable
 pull on writers thereof, however inept at the style they may be)